Saving The Planet!

Did you know how much sharks we kill a day? How much plastic we throw in the ocean? Well, today I have watched two very interesting presentations. One presentation on the plastic we throw into the water and how they are trying to collect and save the fishes and the planet out in the ocean. And the other one on how many sharks we kill for shark fin soup and how many sharks are endangered nowadays. This documentary is filmed by: Rob Stewart. We were the first in Asia to see this movie, we even got to meet Rob Stewart! The movie is called SHARKWATER . Its about Rob Stewart, this man who loved fishes, and start loving sharks. He found out that sharks are scared of humans instead. He made a film that took five years just to stop people from killing sharks. He hopes he could, he’s gone through a lot of challenges through this process of the movie, and he hope many people consider this a big situation that is going to happen. I keep wondering, since the sharks already dead, then whats the point of not eating them? Its not that I want to kill more, its a question that I want to find an answers for 2 years. I still don’t know the reason why, and I’m scared, I wont get to see a shark ever again.

Guess what? 70% of the ocean is covered in plastic, and most of them are being eaten by fishes. Now, they are dying everyday. So this organization called “Project Kaisei” was trying to clean up the ocean. By sailing out on the sea for 25 days trying to clean up one area, they collected many plastic, many fishes that have ate these plastic. They tried to clean up the ocean so we could have a safe enviourment for the ocean, and they are hoping that the fishes will stop dying. They got some fish, took them and cut then apart (just as sample’s), and found millions of garbage in there stomach.

How do you feel after these two brief explanations of our ocean world? I think the water is a really important place in the world. I don’t feel very happy, tell me how you feel by commenting and saving the ocean!

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Wow! Only 10 days of school left! That’s lest then a WEEK! I can’t wait to play all day, no school! I cant create a countdown, but I’m just exited that its almost Summer! 10 Days…. 9 Days….. 8 Days…. AND ON!! Hope you have a good SUMMER!

Are You Ready For Summer?

Hey Guys! I think these are my last few posts before SUMMER! SUN! As you all know, Summer is coming up, its 13 days left of school until its Summer! Where are you going? I am going to go to Kula Lumpur with my best friend, Daredevil 25 to this AWESOME resort, Sunway Lagoon! imgresselangor_sunway_lagoon This is the water slide! Doesn’t it look fun??!! SunwayLagoonHotel_small<—Thats the hotel! Right after, I would be going to Tokyo, Japan! I am staying in the Hilton Hotel right around the Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea! tokyo-disneyland-entranceThe Tokyo Disneyland!hilton-tokyo-bayThe Hilton Hotel! Finally The Last Place I am going to travel to is Shanghai. I am going to go to the Shanghai Expo 2010! ShanghaiExpoImg214218716The Mascot of the Shanghai Expo, 2010! I am very exited to travel to all these wonderful places! I wonder how your Summer would be? Please comment!

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